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Gallery: Permanent Make-Up

Berfore ProcedureEyeliner and Brow enhancement
Eyeliner and browsEyeliner
Eyeliner and BrowsEyeliner and Brow enhancement
Eyeliner, BlueEyeliner
Lip Liner.Eyeliner and Brows , a year after procedure
Eyeliner and Brows, directly after procedureEyeliner
Eyeliner and Brows after two monthsEyeliner
Eyebrows and Eyeliner, directly after procedure.Top Eyeliner
Kim during a procedure.Eyeliner and Brows
Lip Liner directly after procedureBefore Procedure
After Procedure, Lip liner and EyelinerTop Eyeliner
Eyeliner and Brows, directly after procedure.Eyeliner and Brows, directly after
Before ProcedureEyeliner(Top) and Brows
Before Eyebrow correctionAfter Eyebrow correction
Eyebrows & Top EyelinerEyebrows and Eyeliner
Bottom EyelinerLip Liner
Eyebrows and EyelinerEyebrows and Eyeliner
Eyebrows and EyelinerEyeliner Top and bottom
EyelinerEyebrows and Eyeliner
Before Eyeliner and EyebrowsAfter Eyeliner & Eyebrows
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