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“Sometimes the best part of a tattoo is when it’s done. It’s phenomenal. You own it. You suffered for it. There is nothing like that kind of commitment.” -Friday Jones, Celebrity Tattooist-

Bring me a rough description of your idea for a tattoo and I will bring it to life. Once this step is complete, I can turn your idea into reality!

When deciding on putting a tattoo on your body, it is important to get a design that has a meaning to you and your life.

I have hundreds of designs to choose from even if you only have a vague idea. As an experienced fine artist I will assist you in creating an tattoo that you want to show the world or just keep close to your heart.

The pricing of your tattoo is dependent on the volume and detail of the design. Work can be broken up into sessions so that it becomes easily affordable.

It is important to note that a deposit is required before the design is processed and that a cash deposit is mandatory for bookings placed in advance.

Bear in mind that this is a once off payment for a lifelong body adornment.
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